I stumbled upon this 'look' the other day... so thought it would make a good tutorial.
I used Paint Shop Pro 9 but it can be easily adapted to PSP 7 & 8.
Below is a link to your supplies.. I included a gold gradient
* when you unzip put it in your gradients folder*


I also included the texturizer filter.... unzip and put in your plugins folder.

*Texturizer Plugin*

Drag and drop this arrow to keep up with where you are in the tutorial

I put two line drawings in the supplies zip... so lets open the ROSE one..*also could try the other one using the same technique as I use for the rose, just pick your own colors.* Now go to FILE..open a new image 400 x 400 flood fill with any color you like...I used #FEC3C9. Also pic a darker color on your materials palette to compliment the lighter shade to use later in the tutorial.. I picked #F15966

Select your MAGIC WAND tool... Set it to 20 tolerance, O feather. Click on one the black lines in the Line Rose graphic.
This should put the 'marching ants' around the all the lines.

While the Rose line graphic is selected, go to Edit/copy, then Select the image that you just filled with pink and go to EDIT/PASTE /Paste as NEW layer. you can close out the original Line rose graphic. Remember to always rename your layers on the layer palette. This makes it easier to identify each layer as to what it is.

You should have two layers on your new image now.. the bottom layer you had previously filled with pink.. and the line rose layer , while your on the new rose layer go to Selections/select all/ float.......so that the black lines of the rose has the 'marching ants around the line....... Now click on the  pink bottom layer  on your layer palette, hit DELETE. This will CUT the shape of the rose out the pink bottom layer. Remember UNDO if you mess up.

Highlight the Line Rose layer... go to Selections/Load/save Selection/Save to Alpha channel. Name it Rose click OK

You can NOW delete the line rose layer.

Saving Alpha

Your graphic should look like this... with only ONE layer now.. the PINK one with the Rose outline cut out.

ADD a new layer, drag it BELOW the PINK cutout layer. Hide the pink layer and fill the new bottom layer with the Gold Gradient I included in the supplies zip.

When you UNHIDE the PINK top layer, your graphic pic should look like the one below.. the gold showing through.. cool huh..

Select your MAGIC WAND tool again and click on the outside of the TOP pink rose background it should just only select the area around the rose..apply your texturizer plugin now.
Should look like the graphic below.
Select NONE

Still using the MAGIC WAND click on each of the inside of the pedals of the rose and apply a 3D inner BEVEL using these settings.

When you get through with them all, your graphic should look like the one below..

Go to SELECTIONS/Load/save selections/Load Alpha Channel.. Pick the Rose and click OK.

ADD a NEW LAYER, name it Shadows. USE your AIRBRUSH tool with these settings.

Spray around the inner pedals like I did, using your own 'artists creativity' :)
It dont hurt to go OUTSIDE the lines.

Then go to Adjust/Blur/Gaussian blur using these settings. Might have to do this step a few times.

Add another NEW LAYER.. name it Highlights. With your AIRBRUSH TOOL set on same settings.. but using WHITE this time.. Put a few highlights on top of pedals..
Use GAUSSIAN BLUR again on this layer.

When you get the rose looking like you want..MERGE all LAYERS FLATTEN... your DONE!!!! Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. :)