Supplies zip contains the Checkered Border and the feather Deco

Plugins/Filters used:

Filters Unlimited 2

I used the tube of ©Suzanne Woolcott  You can't buy her tubes anymore..

and have to use the license # she gave you when you did buy the ones you have.

Mine is # SW881


You can use this above arrow... to drag around to where you are in the tutorial..

 it helps, so you won't loose your place.

I created this IM letter using PSP 9 but you can use any version of PSP.. just a few minor differences.




#1 First make sure your Filters Unlimited 2 is already installed into your plugins folder..

If your PSP is open when you do this.. the plugin will not show up in your dropdown plugins..

you will have to close PSP then reopen.

#2. Open the Swt Border file that was in the zipped supplies folder.

#3.  Shift + D to duplicate the border window and close the original.

#4. Open the tube you want to use...Shift + D to duplicate, close original.

 Using the dropper tool, pick two colors that are in the tube.

One for foreground box (left click) and other for background box (right click)

#5. I have customized my tools where the Manual Color Correction tool is on my Tool bar.

In PSP 9 go to Adjust/Color Balance/Manual Color Correction. In PSP 12 you have to find it a diff way.. go to

View/Customize/Pick All Commands in category (its on bottom of list) On the right side find Manual Color Correction.. click

hold and drag it to your tool bar.. that way it will be there all the time.. As you can see my tool bar below..i ts on the very end

I put tools on there I use all the time.. so its convenient to use them.


#6. On the checkered border there are two colors of checks.. You can choose the two colors out of your

tube or one.. which ever you like.. I just did the purple and used the black.. cause of black being in my tube..

 the dark grey (#656565) should be in the source box.. pick which color you want the target to be..


#7. While the Checkered border window is active.. go to Image/Canvas size and set the settings

on the box like the sample above.. The reason you use 2500 pixels as the width.. The images/tubes etc is going

to be on the left side only... this way people with smaller AND larger monitor resolution will be able to see it

correctly.. there wont be a repeating pattern of the side images on the right too.. which is BAD BAD :).

Make sure you left justify everything. Keep the height the SAME as it was originally .

#8.  Go to your selection tool and click the custom selection

Use the setting below.

#9. Mannually move the checkered border to the center of the selection. Like shown below.

Select none.

# 10. Add a new layer.. drag to the bottom on the layer palette.

Fill with the other color you selected from the tube.

 Go to your Plugins drop down list/ I.C.Net Software/Filters Unlimited 2.0/

Paper Textures/ Cotton Paper Fine  (Intensity 97, Lightness 96)

#11. Now for it to be seamless in your Letter Creator... go to Effects/ Image Effects/Seamless Tiling

Use the settings below.



#12. on your Checkered pattern there on the left.. apply a 3D drop shadow.

#13.  Open the Feather_ Deco_in_Layers.psd  that was in the supplies zip , Shift+D to duplicate it.

On the layer palette highlight the purple layer. Colorize it to what ever color you need it to be to match your tube.

You can merge visible the layers..

drag it's now merged layer over to your working image or C & P over there.

When its pasted or dragged.. its in the center of the image. So use your move tool,

using your arrow keys click the deco over to the left..

Have its left side go off the left edge of the window.. like the one above..

I have already used the seamless tiling on it vertically.. so it should work perfect as far

as being seamless.. unless you unintentionally  moved it up or down... so careful :)..

 Copy and paste the tubes your using... place them where it/they looks the best.

Notice mine in the above graphic window, how I did it..

Put your copyright info (if you use a copyrighted tube).. and the info you want to use with the text tool.

#14. I selected one of the checkered diamonds, copy & pasted into a new image.. I put my

Swheat Creations on and used it as a bottom image in my footer.. notice how I did mine in the finished letter..

 NOTE:  A good rule of thumb.. is to save your new IM letter as a jpg.. but don't close the window yet.... its still has

all the separate layers.. Just minimize it for a min.

Go to IM  Letter Creator and find your new IM graphic you just saved as a .jpg..

Choose Tile and if it don't look seamless, looks bad.. has a line in it.. etc

You can go back to PSP and its still there in layers.. try applying the seamless tiling again on the bottom bkg layer.. Go

through the steps again and see if it looks seamless now.. I never have to do more than one time.. to get

it to look right.. sometimes not even once having to go back and redo.

NOTE:  When you save an image as a JPG.. on the Save As window.. go to the options on bottom right

Set your compression factor to 5.. NOT 20 etc which is default. Your graphic will look very bad.

Once you set your compression.. you don't have to set it again unless you have to re-install PSP



#15.  Go to your Letter Creator...look at the sample below

If it don't tile seamless, don't leave it that way.. keep doing it till it is!!!



#16. In the Footer tab.. I used the lil graphic I made from the one diamond and put my Swheat Creations on it.

And this is where you also put the copyright info in again.

To be within the copyright TOU's you have to have it in the header of the letter if you have one.... and/or side deco.. (like mine)

 then also in the footer. And it's a NO NO to put 2 copyright symbols from two different artists in the bottom footer

and/or on a header of a letter if you use a header.


Well you're done!!! I hope you had fun!!!  I would love to see your results..

by RIGHTS you should be a member of my Swheat Life Incredimail Yahoo group to be seeing this tutorial...


Here you can download my finished letter.. to see it in all its glory lol