There are many ways to do a snow globe.. Thought Id show you one of those ways :)

I've included the penguin tub and the globe stand in a zip file below

Globe Supplies

You will need this free  plugin Visual Manipulation/Natural/ Sparkle

can download it HERE


You can use any graphic that you'd like..

Ok start with a 400 x 400 wht bkg new image

Use your selection tool and set it to Circle shape and draw you a

circle in middle of your image window.  Fill with what ever color you'd like. I used #8a9cc8 here.

On your layer palette always right click on the layers and RENAME them as to what they are.

As shown :)

You now have 2 layers on your layer palette the background white layer and the blue globe

Time to RIGHT click on the globe layer and DUPLICATE it.

You have 3 layers now.. One bkg layer and 2 blue globe layers.

Go to Effects/Plugins and go to your VM Natural plugin/Sparkle

You will apply this plugin to EACH of the Blue Globe layers Setting the

Max size setting  different for each layer.. first blue globe layer set

the Max size to 12.. next one set to 11. This depends on how many sparkles you'd like.

Next to EACH of the blue globe layers you apply an Inner Bevel using these settings here

Then go to EFFECTS/ 3D drop Shadow/ and apply this setting to EACH of the blue globe layers.

Time for your tube.. You can use the lil penguin I supplied in the zip

 OR you can use any one of your own you'd like. COPY and PASTE it in NEW layer onto your working canvas.

You might have to RESIZE it using your deformation tool As I did below.

Center him on the globe. **Remember ALWAYS when you resize

anything you have to use SHARPEN on it, it makes the image blurry if you don't*

I applied a drop Shadow to the penguin using # 000080. Use what ever color suits your tube best..

OK now your tube is on there.. positioned.. shadow on it.. so right

 click on the tube layer on the layer palette and duplicate that layer..

You've been renaming your layers yes???? :)

This is what your layer palette should look like now.

you DRAG and pull down each of the tube *penguin* layers

ONE above EACH of the Blue globe layers like here below.

click on the TOP layer which is COPY of penguin layer and right click

MERGE/MERGE DOWN. This just merges that top layer and the next layer below it.

the Copy of Penguin and the Copy of Blue Globe


You now have.. from top to bottom.. the merged layer of one blue globe

and a penguin and next layer down you have another merged layer of the next two ..

Should have 3 layers now.. BKG and 2 globe layers with a penguin on EACH of them...

if you don't have this UNDO UNDO till you back up a few steps.. to get straight!!

Now its time to DUPLICATE the white BKG layer..

 put a white background layer under EACH of the globe layers.

so from top to bottom.. you have globe layer- wht bkg layer- globe layer- wht bkg layer

You drag the wht bkg layers on the layer palette where you need to put them..

MERGE/MERGE down the layers again merging ONE globe layer

with a BKG layer ending up with only 2 layers now.. 2 globe layers on a white bkg..

Remember on the layer palette the EYE that's there if you click it it

 hides that layer.. you might have to do this to 'look' underneath it.. it comes in handy sometimes

You have 2 layers on palette.. COPY and PASTE the glass globe I

supplied in zip and use the deformation tool on it to RESIZE it exactly

right size of blue globe. Click your move tool and position it in right place over blue globe.

When you get it correct size and positioned right.. DUPLICATE the clear

 glass globe once and drag each of them ABOVE EACH of the blue globe layers..

Merge Down each.. wont go into details on how to do that.. cause you've done it 3 other times or so :)

How your layer palette looks duplicating glass globe

Not shown.. I COPY & PASTED a globe stand on my graphic.. do it same way as you did the glass globe..

When your done and have your TWO finished layers. You SAVE AS

Animation Shop [*.psp] file format.. NOT pspimage format..

Animation shop will NOT see a file with pspimage format ONLY the Animation Shop[*.psp] one

Now some people don't have this format.. DON'T know why..

if you don't have it.. then your going to have to click on EACH of

the finished layers COPY then go to animation shop and PASTE as

 NEW animation.. then on the second layer COPY and go to Animation shop

and RIGHT click on the existing animation * the one layer* which is a frame

now and PASTE  behind the existing frame.. SAVE AS a .gif file and your done.. :)

If you have any probs with this. let me know.. will be glad to help :)

More Samples of Globes below

Hey you can make your own SNOW like the Reindeer globe above

 by making a 500 x 500 new image, fill it with a dark color then add a new layer.

 Click your Paint Brush tool/AIRBRUSH set the size to 500 and square..

Hardness 100, Step 25, Density 1, Opacity 100. Position your brush over

the canvas and click ONCE.. this makes perfect 'SNOW' .

 Save AS a tube or a pspimage. When you get ready to use it just copy and paste into a new window or project.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial!!